Navigating Legal Responsibilities in Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

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In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, two formidable strategies have emerged as cornerstones for businesses seeking to expand their reach: affiliate marketing and influencer marketing. While both methods leverage the power of online content creators to promote products or services, they possess distinct characteristics, especially concerning compensation.

I am sure that you are expecting this, but an Internship Agreement. True story time: Yesterday (no exaggeration) a client sent me an email in a panic because a seasonal intern had submitted for unemployment. They had received the Notice of Unemployment Insurance Claim Filed and did not know how to respond. But they created […]

What Businesses Should Have in Place Before Hiring Unpaid Interns

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What are your Non-Negotiables?

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Do you ever receive cryptic emails from clients, late-night texts, and “urgent” calls? Have you ever considered if any of these are non-negotiables? Which of these do you believe are impeding your work-life balance (or rather doing business the way you want to do business)? Now list your non-negotiables: 1.2.3. Now let’s shift your focus, […]

Privacy policies, you know you have seen them, but do you have one for your website? Well what is it? A website privacy policy notifies users how your business will collect, store, use and protect their personal information. We all know in a world of hacking and scams, keeping our personal information is so important! […]

Importance of Website Privacy Policies

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Advertising

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One of the most common ways to advertise and market products and services in social media is to use celebrity or consumer endorsements and testimonials. Like other types of advertising, endorsements and testimonials must be truthful and not misleading. In 2009, the FTC released a new version of its Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements […]

Do I have the right support system for my business? While asking for help may not be our strong suit, in business we all need a little help sometimes. It’s impossible to be an expert in marketing, accounting, legal and everything else you need to keep your business running and flourishing. Instead of seeing these […]

5 Legal Questions Mindful Business Owners Ask

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Basic Principles of Advertising

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Two basic principles of advertising law apply to all types of advertising in any media: • Advertisers must have a reasonable basis to substantiate the claims they make in their ads.• If an advertiser needs to disclose information to prevent an ad from being misleading, these disclosures must appear in a clear and conspicuous manner. […]

Success is setting priorities, not goals! Success is an innately personal journey guided by the seasons of life. Do not shy away from your pursuit of success, financial abundance or feel shame in contentment. The journey is a daily practice that begins with honestly identifying where you currently are and where you want to go. […]

Define Success in Ten Steps

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How to Form a Limited Liability Company “LLC”

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Congratulations you are about to officially form your business! How choosing an LLC will benefit you: • This structure can cover just you or multiple owners • Few formalities to follow to maintain protection from personal liability • Less formal structure than a corporation • No annual meetings or filings required • Flexible tax options […]

Are you ready to get a business bank account or do you already have one? I’m all set – That’s great! Do you know someone starting up that could save some time and money from thisguide? If so, please forward this along! Yes I’m ready to set up a business bank account! This guide will […]

How To Get An EIN For Free

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