This blog will focus on common questions regarding owning your brand and intellectual property.

Your Trademark Questions Answered

Perhaps you’ve already experienced receiving a cease and desist letter for a claim of intellectual property infringement of someone’s copyright, trademark, or a combination of the two.

So You Got Cease & Desist…

If you have employees on your team, you might be wondering, do you own the intellectual property that they create?

Does Your Employee Own Your Intellectual Property

Did you know that the independent contractor you hired to create intellectual property on your behalf might be the owner of the intellectual property you paid them to create?

Who Owns Your Intellectual Property: “Work Made For Hire”​ Explained

Have you ever wondered where the line is between inspiration and infringement in a world and society driven by the norms of social media?

Copycats: Inspiration vs. Infringement

As entrepreneurs, we’re often told to create new revenue streams and new content. Let’s be honest, it can be very overwhelming and exhausting to be in a constant state of creation.

Why Reinvent the Wheel, License What You Got

I’d like to begin this blog with an inspirational story from Sophia Amoruso, the founder of #Girlboss and Nasty Gal. Her story really resonates with me, and I’ve actually referenced it many times with my clients.

Sophia Amoruso cites this as One of Her Most Expensive Mistakes

What are trademarks? And why is it important to have one for your brand or business? Before we discuss a trademark and its four categories, first I want you to understand what it means to own your brand.

It’s Time to Own Your Brand

As a business owner you must understand what intellectual property rights you have, so you can protect it. Intellectual property rights are literally rights to your property.

Own Your Brand: Intellectual Property Explained