How Do I Foster a Safe Space in My Group Coaching Program?

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Are you a coach who wants to foster a safe space inside your group coaching programs? Great, this blog is for you! 

Have you heard the term “Non-compete Agreement?” If you’ve been in an employee-employer relationship or industry, you may already have an idea about non-competes. But what exactly is a Non-compete Agreement?

Non-Compete are enforceable… for now

Must Know Tips, Service Based Business

Where to Reiterate Your Contract into Your Process

Service Based Business

Do you have a Service Agreement (also known as an Independent Contractor Agreement) but don’t know how to breathe it into every part of your business? This blog is for you.

This blog is inspired by a question that I was recently asked while teaching in someone’s group, “Will there be increased legal regulation in the coaching industry?”

Is There Going to Be Increased Legal Regulation In Coaching?

Must Know Tips, Service Based Business