Grow your business with the confidence of a strong legal foundation built on a brand you own.

Sometimes what you really need is a chance to ask your questions and receive actionable advice from someone that will advocate for your business vision, with the personal touch of a small business. 

Our Approach

The heartbeat of our firm is the relationship
we build with our clients.

We align our services to honor your unique business vision. While protecting your time, investments,
and business opportunities are essential, legal services should also enhance your business’s
brand, strengthen your business relationships, and support your customer experience
to scale your business to new heights!

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create cultivate legal services
Our team offers flat-rate trademark services.

Do you own your brand?

You are investing your time, energy, and money in building a brand that is worthy of recognition. Ensure it’s built to last (and monetize). We describe the steps to our approach below.

Investment Options

One Upfront Payment of $1,950 per mark + USPTO Fees

4 Monthly Payments of $525 per mark + USPTO Fees

Our Trademark Approach

1. Trademark Consultation (Optional)

Connect with our team to better understand what a trademark can mean for your brand and walk you through the trademark process, so you know what you can expect along the way.

2. Conduct Comprehensive Trademark Search

Within 2 weeks our team will deliver a detailed report of the results of your compressive trademark search, which includes our recommendations on the classes of goods or services to include in your application to best protect your brand.

3. File Your Trademark Application

Our team will prepare and file your trademark application by first collecting any samples of your trademark as used in commerce required for the application, including partnering with you to complete any updates that are needed to your website or packaging to support the application.

4. Monitor Your Trademark Application

Monitor the progress of your trademark application by managing the communication with the USPTO examining attorney, providing updates to keep you informed, and answering your questions at each step along the way.

5. Own Your Brand

Once your trademark is registered, the celebration will begin with the official trademark stamp and the assurance that you now Own Your Brand!

6. Active Trademark Watch

Our full-service trademark services include trademark watch as a proactive measure to alert you to any infringement or misuse of your trademark so you can respond in a timely manner.


If there’s one thing you
should know about me, it’s
my first passion (and degree)
is entrepreneurship.

After several successful years of drafting and negotiating multi-million dollar commercial contracts for a global corporation, I knew it was time to find alignment with my purpose. Guide My Business is the embodiment of my purpose; a law firm dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs at all stages in their journey with the confidence of a strong legal foundation, through a proactive and comprehensive approach to legal services. 

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