Define Success in Ten Steps

Success is setting priorities, not goals!

Success is an innately personal journey guided by the seasons of life. Do not shy away from your pursuit of success, financial abundance or feel shame in contentment. The journey is a daily practice that begins with honestly identifying where you currently are and where you want to go. While that might sound all well and good, it doesn’t alleviate your desire for answers. But because, like I said, this is a personal journey, you hold the answers. I can simply be your

So, follow along…

Step 1: Grab a piece of paper. That was easy.

Step 2: Listed your priorities. Your priorities should align with your purpose.

Step 3: Write out your average week, don’t leave anything out. Not even the mundane tasks each day.

Step 4: Circle the tasks you are passionate about. This should be the task that light you up and fill your cup. This is not what delivers the best return on investment or drives revenue goals.

Step 5: Underline the tasks that you dread. You might be asking, “Well what about the dishes?” If you are like me you dread the dishes, but you are passionate about a clean kitchen. That’s okay, you can still underline the unavoidable tasks.

Step 6: Ask yourself if your week aligns with your priorities. If you are feeling that your tasks are out of alignment with your priorities, then list the any new tasks that you need to include in your week to accomplish or make progress towards those priorities.

Step 7: Review the tasks you underlined and ask yourself what boundaries you can create or the tools you can implement to improve the experience. For me, the perfect example of both was scheduling client meetings. It was reoccurring and needed to be done, yet I dreaded it, and I was doing it daily. So, I decided to create a Calendly and implement this tool it in my business. Now my clients schedule themselves either from my website or a link. No longer do I have to check my schedule and decided what times I should offer and wait for their response, then put something on the calendar. However, I also created boundaries with the times that was available for them to schedule. These boundaries align to my priorities.

Step 8: Now re-write your week. Start with the circled tasks, then the new tasks, followed by the underlined tasks adjusted to reflect your fresh boundaries and tools.

Step 9: Put your new week into action. Success is action over anxiety!

Step 10: Revisit this exercise often. You can even complete this exercise for your monthly and annual priorities. Success is giving yourself the permission to evolve with the seasons of life!

I truly believe honoring your priorities on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis will create balance in your life that will allow you to evolve overtime as you stay true to your purpose, accomplish the mundane, and maintain alignment along the way.

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Define Success in Ten Steps

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