While protecting your time, investments, and business opportunities are essential, legal services should also enhance your business’s brand, strengthen your business relationships, and support your customer experience to scale your business to new heights.

Our boutique firm offers hourly legal services that allow us to serve your unique business needs, with the personal touch of a small business.

We offer contract review or drafting of the necessary documents to purchase or lease your next investment in commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate


On-brand agreements that align with your business vision to establish expectations, honor the value of your products and services.

Custom Contracts


Our team will be your advocate in business transactions from the initial contract review to the final signature, so you can move forward with confidence.



Our team will review the contracts that you receive to ensure that everything is clear and accurate so you can move forward in confidence with the agreed-upon terms.



Guidance from start to finish, including ensuring confidentiality, evaluating liabilities and opportunities, and developing the respective agreements to assure a successful transaction.

Build Your Team


We will work with you to co-create a dynamic strategy to motivate and empower your team of independent contractors, employees and consultants to fast-track your company to success.

Buy or Sell a Business


Investment: $350 per hour | Initial Consultation: on us


We know that sometimes what you really need is a chance to ask your questions and receive actionable advice from someone that will advocate for your business vision.

Our legal consultation is an opportunity for us to discuss how our team can serve your business by implementing legal strategies unique to your needs. 

We would like to invite you to schedule a 20-minute legal consultation with one of our team members after filling out the information below.

The heartbeat of our firm is the relationship we build with our clients, which starts with a consultation.

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