Do you have an independent contractor or are you considering hiring one? If so, this lengthy article is worth the read! Companies can avoid significant wage, tax, and other obligations by engaging independent contractors instead of employees. Using independent contractors can result in considerable cost savings and increased workforce flexibility. Individuals often choose to become […]

Are They An Independent Contractor Or An Employee?

Two basic principles of advertising law apply to all types of advertising in any media: • Advertisers must have a reasonable basis to substantiate the claims they make in their ads.• If an advertiser needs to disclose information to prevent an ad from being misleading, these disclosures must appear in a clear and conspicuous manner. […]

Basic Principles of Advertising

Finding the right office space can be a daunting task for a tenant. There are several issues that should be addressed when identifying the office space and during the leasing process, but before the final lease is signed. This Checklist identifies certain pertinent pre-signing matters that a tenant should consider before finalizing its lease. This […]

Before You Sign Your Lease

Congratulations you are about to officially form your business! How choosing an LLC will benefit you: • This structure can cover just you or multiple owners • Few formalities to follow to maintain protection from personal liability • Less formal structure than a corporation • No annual meetings or filings required • Flexible tax options […]

How to Form a Limited Liability Company “LLC”

Are you ready to get a business bank account or do you already have one? I’m all set – That’s great! Do you know someone starting up that could save some time and money from thisguide? If so, please forward this along! Yes I’m ready to set up a business bank account! This guide will […]

How To Get An EIN For Free

Have you thought about forming a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”)? Well, I’ve answered allyour questions below! Why an LLC vs. any other type of business? Unlike other business forms, LLCs provide liability protection, management flexibility, and tax advantages. What is an LLC? A Limited Liability Company is a business that is a separate entity from […]

Why an LLC is a Preferred Vehicle For Starting a Business

Are you a coach who wants to foster a safe space inside your group coaching programs? Great, this blog is for you! 

How Do I Foster a Safe Space in My Group Coaching Program?

Have you ever wondered what it means to buy a business? Now, the term “buy a business” can be a bit confusing. This is because you don’t really buy a business — you’re actually purchasing the assets and assuming certain liabilities associated with that existing business entity.

What Does It Mean to “Buy a Business”?

If you are a fellow podcast host, you may wonder: is my podcast a business? Whether you’re only considering launching a podcast for the first time or you have had a podcast for a while now, the answer is YES. 

Is Your Podcast a Business?

In the spirit of the holidays, this blog tackles the three things you must include before launching your next Instagram giveaway.

Giveaway Requirements You Should Know